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Voice Lessons

We offer voice lessons and performance experiences to students of all ages and abilities, from beginners through very advanced.  Our goal is to teach each student to sing with ease, confidence, and enjoyment!  We encourage students to explore many different genres of repertoire, including classical, folk, world, jazz, pop, and Broadway selections.


For students younger than 10 years old, we recommend an introductory lesson in order to assess the student's vocal development, and capability.  Early instruction in voice engages the child in a fun way using simple songs, rhythm games, and pitch exercises to aid in developing a musically tuned ear.


Students interested in pursuing a career in music will receive the training to prepare them for future auditions through vocal coaching, help selecting appropriate repertoire, staging and acting assistance.  Through studio and school recitals, and mock auditions, students will gain the tools to work with an accompanist, and the confidence for successful live performances.


Voice lessons include the fundamentals of breathing, diaphragm control, the anatomy of the vocal mechanism, correct and easy posture, vocal support, tone production, and diction in a supportive and fun atmosphere.  Students will also receive training in pitch, sight-singing, general musical theory, ear training, agility, projection, timing, and phrasing.


From devloping basic vocal skills to preparing students for a career in music, our faculty will tailor your lessons to meet your goals.  Many students notice that their ability to express themselves in many situations including public speaking, school, and other art forms becomes easier through the study of the voice.  We strive to nuture each student's love of music within a comprehensive program that is flexible to meet individual needs.

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More Info?

  • Lessons are scheduled once a week, Monday through Saturday, at your convenience,  and are 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s age and ability.


  • Students can begin lessons at any time of the year, with no prior experience required.


  • Semi-private lessons are available for family members or friends who share the same passion for music.


  • Instruments are available for rent and purchase at the school.