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Viki Belovarski

Viktoria "Viki" Belovarski - Double Bass, Cello, Early Childhood

Viki Belovarski began her performing career at the age of 6, as a young entertainer – singing and dancing.  At the age of 9, she made her first national television debut in a competition for the best pop performance against the top pop singers in her native country.  At 10, she joined the City Choir in which  she toured nationally and internationally performing in various festivals and competitions.  Viki graduated from the High School of Music in 1987 and was accepted in the Bulgarian National Conservatory where she completed her Master’s Degree in Double Bass Performance. She continued her singing career in Germany and later in South Africa.  She worked for the National Television in South Africa where she and her husband, Bob Bello, produced music videos for the SABC.  Together they  have produced six music albums, four documentaries, and at present are working on their Digital Opera DVD project.


Viki believes and teaches with the philosophy that it is never too early or too late to learn how to play music.  In the Toddler Tunes program, Viki invites children, ages 18 months to 3 years, and parents into a class setting where the child can begin to explore rhythm, finger-play, keyboard exploration, active movement games, and signing activities with balls and hoops.  In the Music for Little Mozarts program, Viki teaches a fun, imaginative class to children ages 4-6 that begins to facilitate the skills for keyboard and music making.


    "Introducing music to a child at a young age is so important.  Music can give them an outlet for

     emotional expression and creativity as well as involving the analytical mind.  This exposure to

     music at a young age will facilitate a love for creativity and music that will last a life time and

     make a positive difference in the child’s wellness, education, and health."


Viki loves teaching kids because they respond to music so naturally and full heartedly,  Kids give in to music without any reservation.  Teaching them is very fulfilling and rewarding.  When she is not teaching she enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, and being outdoors.