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String Lessons

Our string program offers lessons and ensemble experiences to students of all ages and abilities, from beginners through very advanced.  Our teachers are university trained and experienced professionals from around the world.  Most teachers are bilingual, and teach more than one string instrument.  From “learn by ear” to traditional reading, we strive to fostor our students' love of music with a comprehensive program that is flexible to meet individual needs.


Lesson instruction includes hand and finger techniques, shifting exercises, bow technique variations, fingering exercises, articulation, music scales, sight reading, music theory and analysis, and ear training and memorization.  As students progress, they can explore a broad repertoire of concertos, sonatas and virtuoso pieces.


Performances and Assessments

NMSM offers students many opportunities to share their music on concerts held throughout the year at the school and in the community, and to participate in assessments and competitive events.  Many teachers also hold their own studio classes and recitals.  The Suzuki String Program, Cello Ensemble, and String Orchestra provide opportunities for students to make music with friends, learn ensemble skills, and grow as a team.


NMSM is the only New Mexico school to offer the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) Music Development Program.  This highly-structured curriculum features graded repertoire, musicianship skills, and theory and history training.  An annual exam is administered in order to receive a diploma and advance to the next level.


The NMSM Performance Assessment Program allows students to play for a judge and receive comments, a grade, and a ribbon and certificate.

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More Info?

  • Lessons are scheduled once a week, Monday through Saturday, at your convenience,  and are 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s age and ability.


  • Students can begin lessons at any time of the year, with no prior experience required.


  • Semi-private lessons are available for family members or friends who share the same passion for music.


  • Instruments are available for rent and purchase at the school.