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Sabino Iturbe

Sabino Iturbe - Guitar

Sabino Iturbe is a native of the Argentine Patagonia.   He has dedicated twenty-five years to the guitar, a self-taught musician who studied classical music at the Manual de Falla Conservatory in Buenos Aires.  He studied with Argentine classical guitarist Juan Falu, professor of folklore music and tango, and guitar professor Carlos Groisman.  Sabino’s early studies began in traditional Argentine music, but he later started playing Chicago Blues and Spanish Rock on the electric guitar.  In recent years he has returned to his affinity for acoustical instruments, and the classical guitar has again become the protagonist in his latest work as a musician.


Sabino has spent his professional career at the intersection between education and music.  In Argentina, he worked as a music educator in private schools, teaching preschool children though high school students.  Since moving to the United States in 2008, he has taught early music with children, and guitar to both children and adults.  He has been a Guitar Instructor with the New Mexico School of Music since 2010.


Sabino has worked as a professional guitar soloist in New Mexico, and he has independently created musical arrangements for a variety of instruments and has directed ensembles.  He is passionate about improvisation, enjoying the challenge and spontaneity of jazz soloing.  Sabino believes in the important role that music has in our lives as a catalyst for joy and inspiration, and he continues to develop his proficiency as a guitarist.