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Rose (Yitong) Xiao received her Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Cognition from the  Northwestern University Bienen School of Music in 2014.  She has cherished music since she was a young girl in China, first studying piano at age six, then later musicology and music theory at Sichuan Conservatory of Music.  Rose received a Bachelor of Science in Music from Eastern New Mexico University in 2013, under the piano performance tutelage of Dr. John Olson.  At Northwestern University, Rose studied schema theory in gallant style music, rhythm and meter in popular music, musical design in relation to gender and sexuality, and other interdisciplinary topics under Dr. Robert Gjerdingen, Dr. Mark Butler, and Dr. Richard Ashley. This academic research culminated in her Master’s dissertation, “The Musical Desire of Alexander Scriabin,” an atonal analysis of the Fourth Sonata.


Rose has a passion for teaching students piano at all age and skill levels.  She enjoys spending time with students, helping them discover and develop their interest in the performing arts.  She began her teaching career at Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu, China, volunteering in an elementary school for cognitively and communicatively impaired children as a classroom music teacher, and also offering private piano lessons.  While attending the Bienen School of Music, Rose offered tutoring sessions to doctoral performance majors, helping them pass the rigorous Theory Qualification Exam.

Rose Xiao

Rose Xiao