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The Piano Department at NMSM welcomes students of all ages and levels to study with outstanding teachers from across the world.  The piano is the most popular beginning instrument for its versitility and ease of learning.  Our university-trained faculty can work with students from their very first lessons, through advanced high-school students preparing for a career in music.  Adult students who are very beginners, or who are returning to the piano after years away from the piano, are welcome.  Whether your interest is classical, popular, or jazz we have a teacher who can meet your needs.


Weekly private lessons are taught in 30, 45, or 60-minute lengths.  Teachers will select the methods best suited to the individual needs of the student, and supplement repertoire with the best music literature from Baroque through Contemporary composers.  Students are trained to aquire a natural hand/arm technique, including the correct position at the piano, finger dexterity and flexibility, and how to produce a beautiful tone on the instrument.  Students will learn the rudiments of music including:  reading music notation, rhythm and meter, harmony, sight reading, and music theory.  More advanced students will receive instruction on developing advanced technical and interpretation skills, a wide tonal palate, and a thorough understanding of musical theory and structure.


Performances and Assessments

NMSM offers students many opportunities to share their music on concerts held at the school and elsewhere, and to participate in assessments and competitive events.  Many teachers hold their own studio classes and recitals, while the school also offers end-of-semester programs and "themed" recitals at various times of the year.


NMSM has partnered with the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) to offer the Music Development Program.  This highly-structured curriculum features graded repertoire, musicianship skills, and theory and history training.  An annual exam is administered in order to receive a diploma and advance to the next level.


The NMSM Performance Assessment Program is designed for all piano students to play for a judge and receive comments, a grade, and a ribbon and certificate.  Our students regularly compete in local, state, and national competitions, and have performed across the U.S. and Europe.

  • Lessons are scheduled once a week, Monday through Saturday, at your convenience,  and are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour, depending on the student’s age and ability.


  • Students can register for lessons at any time of the year, with no prior experience required.


  • Semi-private lessons are available for two or three family members or friends who share the same passion for music.


  • Instruments are available for rent and purchase at the school.


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