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Panaiotis - Composition, Brass

Dr Panaitotis

Master of Music: New England Conservatory

Ph.D. in Music: University of California, San Diego

Current:  Assistant Professor of Music and Electrical & Computer Engineering: University of New Mexico.


Dr. Panaiotis is an accomplished composer and performer of computer-assisted music.  His music has been performed throughout the world and recorded on CDs, two of which were chosen by The New York Times as top ten CDs of new music for their respective release years.



Nandkishor Mule

Pauline Olivero


Featured Album Performances:

Then & Now, Now & Then (2008) double LP, Taiga Records

Deep Time (2003) with Fritz Hauser, Deep Listening Label

Unquenchable Fire (2003) with Joe McPhee Quartet

Non Stop Flight (1996/1998) live album

Sanctuary (1995)

Tosca Salad (1995)

Suspended Music (1993)

The Ready Made Boomerang (1991)

Troglodyte’s Delight (1990)

Deep Listening (1989)

The Ballad of Frankie Silver (1994)

Rising Sun