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Guitar Lessons

The New Mexico School of Music offers private and group guitar lessons at all levels, and to all ages, with the community's most outstanding guitar performers and teachers.  All styles of music are taught including rock, blues, jazz, flamenco, and metal.  We regularly host concerts with local and nationally recognized guitarists, and provide opportunities for our students to perform through our many recitals, and the informal Adult Musical Cafe concerts.


Lessons are offered on classical, acoustic, electric, and bass guitar.  Guitar students develop listening skills, left and right hand techniques, reading skills and improvisational creativity.  Students of any age can learn to read guitar tablature, as well as standard music notation, chord charts, finger picking, rhythm or lead guitar charts.


Classical Guitar

With the classical guitar, our students learn to read standard musical notation, scales, melodies, and picking patterns in a traditional approach to the instrument.  As students progress, the repertoire incorporates pieces that develop the students' knowledge of theory and harmony.  This method ensures a firm grasp of classical techniques and repertoire, and is the foundation for a college music degree in guitar.


Rock Guitar

Students wishing to work on folk, rock, blues, or pop styles learn basic chords, strumming, and finger picking styles.  Many pop tunes can be played with a basic knowledge of chords.  Students are encouraged to learn and play their favorite artists’ music, and to begin song-writing themselves!


Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is the foundation of any ensemble.  From jazz to rock and roll, the instrument can be found on every stage and playing every style.  The bass is also the foundation of music theory, and a wonderful way to learn how music works, harmonically and melodically.  Lessons cover beginning to advanced techniques, rock, jazz, ’walking’, and reading chord charts.

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More Info?

  • Lessons are scheduled once a week, Monday through Saturday, at your convenience,  and are 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s age and ability.


  • Students can begin lessons at any time of the year, with no prior experience required.


  • Semi-private lessons are available for family members or friends who share the same passion for music.


  • Instruments are available for rent and purchase at the school.