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I feel almost overwhelmed when it comes to expressing my enthusiasm for the NM School of Music.  Director, Tatiana Vetrinskaya, has created a truly unique and state of the art music school where levels of excellence are accessible to music students from beginner to expert.


The wonderful office staff and highly educated team of music teachers are committed to nurturing and expanding each student’s talent, offering performance opportunities for all with frequent recitals, competitions and festivals.  If you have a child who wants to learn the true universal language then I highly recommend you visit the NM School of Music.

-Len R

Suzuki Violin

Early Childhood Music Program

Music FunTime is an innovative program based on a comprehensive structured curriculum that continues until a student is ready for private music lessons on a particular instrument.


Children in the class learn to read music in the same manner they are taught letters, numbers,

colors, shapes, etc.  The classes present music theory in a fun, artistic way.  Students are given a backpack of rhythm instruments at registration to use in classes and at home.  All students are introduced to the piano, guitar, percussion instruments, violin, bells, kazoos, flutophones, recorders, and harmonicas.  Kids love it!


Students can join the 30-minute class at any time and do not need any prior music experience.  Multiple groups are offered at both locations.  The classes are divided by age groups:  18 months - 3 years old; 3 - 5 years old; and 5 -7 years old.  Parents are consulted about which group would be the best for their child.

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Music FunTime

Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth that serves the expressive, emotional, intellectual, social, and creative needs of all children.  Early childhood music classes create a foundation upon which future music learning is built, and research shows that music instruction helps children excel in their school studies and develop skills to be successful in life.


Our early childhood music classes encourage children’s natural curiosity to explore music through singing, movement, listening, playing instruments, and interactive activities with their peers, parents, and instructors.  They are an ideal way to prepare a child for the transition to private lessons on an instrument or voice.

Suzuki violin Violin 4 MFT 6 MFT 4

The Suzuki Method has been educating young violinists around the world for decades!  It is based on Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s “Mother Tongue” philosophy.  Suzuki believed that all children have the potential to be successful at playing music if they are raised in a warm, encouraging environment where they have the opportunity to experience music.  Children listen to recordings at home, and have weekly group and private lessons in order to be immersed in the language of music.  The non-competitive and supportive environment allows children to be motivated by more advanced students and also be role models for beginners.


NMSM offers several different levels of Suzuki violin classes, from a Pre-Instrument class for children ages 2-3, to an Early Book 1 class for students who have completed a mid-level class.  Students can start at any time and violins are available for rent at the school.


With the exception of the Pre-Instrument class which meets once a week, students attend two classes and one private lesson per week.  Parents generally attend all lessons and are involved in the child’s development.


Please click here to view the current schedule of classes.

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