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Children and Youth Programs

Songwriter Workshop

(Ages 12-Adult)

This class will explore various songwriting techniques and basic mu-sic theory. Concepts that will be covered are simple chord progressions/riffs and basic music theory (as it applies in a “pop/rock/blues” setting), as well as how to develop melodic lines from a given chord progression or riff. The workshop will also work on how to develop solid lyrics. Class is open to all instruments and vocals, or anyone with a desire to write music. Requirements: Should have working knowledge of your instrument, basic theory (major/minor chords and scales).


The Art of Musical Language

(Ages 6-17 yrs.)

This class is designed to give you the foundation that you will need to learn in order to speak and understand the beautiful language of music. We will explore intervals, rhythm and meter, harmony, melody, form and composition through interactive games, exploratory listening and storytelling. You will learn how to create melodies and accompaniments and learn to improvise for your performances with friends, and at school and church. The ability to create and under-stand music will expand as far as your imagination will take you!

Composition and Music Theory


Bella Voce (Beautiful Voice)

(Ages 10-14 yrs.)

A performance-based choir designed to create energized singing as an ensemble. Young singers will learn to develop healthy vocal technique and acquire skills in sight singing, ear training, part sing-ing and rhythm reading. The choir will be exposed to a varied repertoire of choral music. Adding an element of choreography will bring life and spirit to our middle school girls’ choir! This choir requires an audition with the director and a level of commitment to attend arranged performances. To meet with the Director and audi-tion please call: New Mexico School of Music 266-3474 (Nob Hill).


Beginning Guitar Class

(Ages 7-13 yrs.)

This class is designed for absolute beginners who have no previous guitar or music experience. Students will learn how to read music for the guitar, play simple chords, and develop basic techniques, both using the fingers and a pick. Our beginning guitar class provides a solid foundation for continuing with more advanced guitar classes and private lessons. This class is for acoustic, nylon-string guitars.


Rock n’ Roll Band (Twice a Week)

(Ages 11-18 yrs.)

This class will provide students with a unique opportunity to participate in building a working rock group from the rehearsal space to the performance hall. Students will be able to develop and build the skills necessary to be in a working band. One night, the group(s) will discuss repertoire choice, music history, and performance ideas and the second evening session will be spent working solely on the performance/music in both “rehearsal” and “live performance” settings. Open to guitarists, bassists, singers, drummers and keyboardists who have a minimum of one year playing and learning experience.


Blues/Rock Guitar Workshop

(Ages 12-Adult)

This class will explore the “roots” of rock/blues guitar. Topics to be covered are the “origins” of blues and rock music, the music theory behind blues/rock music and soloing strategies. This class is more about learning how to improvise and make music vs. recording and writing songs. Electric guitar is strongly recommended, but a steel string guitar is acceptable. Guitarists should have at least 2 years of experience on the instrument, or have met with the instructor prior to the start of class.


Suzuki Violin Class

(Ages 4 yrs. and up)

Young students new to the violin will learn proper posture, bowing techniques and rhythm fundamentals during weekly group class time. During private lessons each week, each child will be able to focus on his or her specific needs and be immersed in the language of music . Parents attend all lessons and are involved in the child’s development. The beginning violin class includes one weekly group lesson (45 min.) and one weekly private lesson (30 min.).


String Ensemble Group

(All Ages)

Discover the joy of playing in ensembles with other musicians! This class offers valuable experience in learning to listen beyond yourself and builds skills in all areas of your instrument, as well as introducing you to new and exciting repertoire. Classes are available for adults and children, and students will be placed in groups based on age and skill level.

Harp and Piano


(Ages 5-12 yrs.)

Sign up for this fun harp ensemble open to young beginning harp students who want to come and play harp together! We will play games, learn songs, and make up some of our own music!


Harp and Piano Improvisation

(Ages 10-18 yrs.)

This is a unique opportunity for young students and adults to improvise and create music together in an ensemble setting. Intermediate and advanced students come and explore your creative potential!


*Will be Offered in the Fall

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