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Adult Programs

Songwriter Workshop

(Ages 12-Adult)

This class will explore various songwriting techniques and basic mu-sic theory. Concepts that will be covered are simple chord progressions/riffs and basic music theory (as it applies in a “pop/rock/blues” setting), as well as how to develop melodic lines from a given chord progression or riff. The workshop will also work on how to develop solid lyrics. Class is open to all instruments and vocals, or anyone with a desire to write music. Requirements: Should have working knowledge of your instrument, basic theory (major/minor chords and scales).


Composition with Panaiotis!

(All ages)

This course offers a unique opportunity for students to bring out their full potential as musicians. If you are interested in exploring musical ideas, collaborating and performing, don’t miss this opportunity to work with Dr. Panaiotis!, an accomplished composer and artist and instructor at our recent Young Composers’ Institute. Students will learn musicianship in an ensemble setting, collaboration, communication, listening, and, of course, composition. Directed improvisations and work with fellow classmates on pieces they compose, as well as the use of technology to create and perform music will be covered. Class is open to all ages and musical experience, although students need to be able to focus in a group setting on instructional tasks.

Composition and Music Theory


Adult Guitar Class


This class will be offered for adults with previous guitar experience and basic theory knowledge (first position notes, basic reading skills, chords, etc.). This course is designed to help students expand their reading skills, technique and repertoire, learning music from different styles such as folk, pop, rock and even classical. This class will also cover different topics of performing in a solo and small ensemble setting, encouraging its students to adapt and/or “jam” with other musicians, which can only be accomplished in a group setting.


Rock n’ Roll Band (Twice a Week)


This class will provide students with a unique opportunity to participate in building a working rock group from the rehearsal space to the performance hall. Students will be able to develop and build the skills necessary to be in a working band. One night, the group(s) will discuss repertoire choice, music history, and performance ideas and the second evening session will be spent working solely on the performance/music in both “rehearsal” and “live performance” settings. Open to guitarists, bassists, singers, drummers and keyboardists who have a minimum of one year playing and learning experience.


Blues/Rock Guitar Workshop

(Ages 12-Adult)

This class will explore the “roots” of rock/blues guitar. Topics to be covered are the “origins” of blues and rock music, the music theory behind blues/rock music and soloing strategies. This class is more about learning how to improvise and make music vs. recording and writing songs. Electric guitar is strongly recommended, but a steel string guitar is acceptable. Guitarists should have at least 2 years of experience on the instrument, or have met with the instructor prior to the start of class.


String Ensemble Group

(All Ages)

Discover the joy of playing in ensembles with other musicians! This class offers valuable experience in learning to listen beyond yourself and builds skills in all areas of your instrument, as well as introducing you to new and exciting repertoire. Classes are available for adults and children, and students will be placed in groups based on age and skill level.


Strings Tranquillo


This is an opportunity for adult harp student of all levels to meet fellow harpists, learn repertoire, along with some relaxation warmups.

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